Pay the Price to Get the Goods

A few days ago, my dog and I were out on our deck. We had been out there for a little while, so I called him back in and shut the door. After he sat and looked at the door for 15 minutes, I opened the door to let him back out.

After just a few minutes, he obviously got tired and decided to lay down… All he had was the wooden deck.

I snapped the above photo as I sat with him (for the 2nd time) that day.

I had this thought….

Some things are worth getting uncomfortable to enjoy.

They’re worth paying the price.
Just like my dog wanted to enjoy some sunshine and cool breeze that day, but had to lay on hard wood to do it, you and I usually have to pay a price to get what we want.

  • Want a better body? Pay the price and work out.
  • Want a better car? Save money and get one.
  • Want to do something significant? Stop sitting and start acting.
  • Want to create a culture of excellence? Go the extra mile to be excellent.
  • Want to spend some time soaking up the sun? Be willing to lay on the wood.

Some things are worth paying the price.

Copper gets this….
Jesus got it.
It was worth the price for him.

If we’re determined,
If we really value the outcome,
we’ll be willing to pay the price too.

What things are worth you paying the price for?

[For more about being willing to pay the price, see this post about the Rocky Path.]


  1. So true. We say we want so many things but we don’t really “want” them if we aren’t willing to put in the sacrifice, work, dedication and perseverance it takes to get them.


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