I Have the Best Problems

It had been a tough day for me.

Several of the things that I had worked on that day didn’t get finished like I’d hoped they would.
I got a pretty nasty email about something that I had written on a blog post a few days before.
I was tired, hungry, and just wanted to go home and get in the bed…

Nothing else.

So I stopped off for some ‘to-go’ supper for my wife and I.

One of those places that claim to be ‘fast’ and ‘ready when you are.’

Needless to say, I had to wait. I made myself comfy on the bench at the front of the restaurant while i waited on my order to be called.

That’s when my day suddenly looked a lot better.

A guy that I had known for the last few years walked into the restaurant.

His head was hung a little low.
He barely mustered up the strength to open the door.
Barely the strength to look in my direction and nod.

Having not seen him in a while, I walked up to him and forced the conversation.

We exchanged pleasentries…

first him,
then me.

Upon asking him how everything was going with him,
I quickly found out that my unfinished projects and tough email were nothing but blessed people problems.

This guy that I had known for years unloaded on me what had happened to him in recent years.

His wife had left him.
His job had fired him.
His kids had disowned him.

All in the matter of months.

In that moment, my life seemed better.

Some how, it was all a little better then.

I was blessed.
I am blessed.

I forget that.
You probably forget that.

Let’s remember.
We have the best problems. 

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  1. Good post, Jonathan. It’s all about perspective. We often have so much to be thankful for but we forget when we find ourselves in the midst of a bad day/season. Thanks for the reminder to remember.

  2. Love the way you put it – “I have the best problems.” When I put the focus on myself, my problems seem to weigh me down. When I gaze at the world around, my minute issues pale in comparison. When I look to God, I can’t help but realize the abundance of blessings in my life.

  3. Steffanie

    It is so sad for your friend who almost had nothing…Well we should always be thankful in our life and not complain of what we have or what we have nothing…We are still blessed…

  4. Patricia

    I made myself comfy on the bench at the front of the restaurant while i waited on my order to be called.We are still blessed…


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