Forget your to do list. Do this!

This past weekend, I was at home doing some random chores that I we all have to do on occasion. As I rushed around from room to room, task to task, I had this thought…

“Why am I in such a hurry? I have about 30 minutes of stuff to do and the rest of the day is absolutely empty. I need to enjoy the moment.”

If you’re anything like me, you always feel like you’re in a hurry,

That you must hurry to finish this task so that you can rush to get to that one.

You feel like your success/failure is based on accomplishing your tasks or calendar appointments for the day.

Let me encourage you,
no matter where you find your self stuck in a to-do world,

Forget the to do list on occasion

Whether you’re a…

  • Stay at home parent.
  • A pastor.
  • A teacher.
  • A student.
  • A business man or woman.
  • A manager.
  • An accountant.
  • A teller.
  • A custodian.
  • A cashier.

Whatever you are, forget the to do list and enjoy the mission.

Remember why you do what you do.
Take time to be in the moment.
Take time just to take time.

Forget the to-do list.

Remember to live.

[For more about living in the moment, see this post.]


  1. This is why I try to take at least one night a week off from everything. Usually it’s Thursday nights (really looking forward to tonight!). I turn off my phone, disconnect from the internet, put away the to-do list and just…be. I love it!


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