They Won’t See it Until You Show It

Some things can’t be understood until they’re seen.

When painting a room, I don’t know what it’ll look like when everything is in it until it’s finished.

Some people can see a room and know what kind of paint and what color of paint will go with a certain kind of furniture before the painting even begins.

Some people will know what it’ll look like, they can see it even if it’s just talked about…
they see it in their mind before it happens in reality.

Some people need to see it…

  • You have to demonstrate Jesus to your lost family member or coworker
  • You have to show your children how to follow God
  • You have to demonstrate excellence to the people you lead
  • You have to demonstrate good habits to your staff.
  • You have to demonstrate love to the people you Shepard.

We must demonstrate if we expect others to understand it.

Jesus understood this.

He knew that some people don’t get it until they see it… He demonstrated.

He demonstrated it to 12 people… To everyone that would follow.

It shook the norms of his time,
It changed the world.

We must demonstrate in order to effectively communicate the love of Jesus.

PS: No, Judas didn’t get ‘it’. Just goes to show, not everyone will, keep demonstrating anyway.

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