One Heck of A Typo

iphone typo

I came across this article over the weekend while flipping through Flipboard on my iPad.

It’s from the Huffington Post. Apprarently a middle and high school in Georgia were put on lockdown last week due to a failed auto correct in a text message.

The text message was supposed to read…

gunna be at west hall today

but was corrected to…

gunman be at west hall today

Wow! That’s serious!

Now, I’ve never made that big of a typo/auto correct fail, but I have had a few embarassing moments along the way.

That brings me to my question today…

What’s the worst typo/auto correct fail you’ve ever seen or had happen to you?


  1. i don’t know if I can pinpoint one specifically but just the other day my auto correct went from using the name Jerry and when I looked at the sent message it had changed it to jerk. LOL

  2. When I finally got a smart phone 3 weeks ago, I KNEW I wasn’t going to use auto correct. Nothing is funnier than going to “D*mn You Auto Correct” and reading the mess ups there. I don’t want to be that person you laugh at on there.

  3. I don’t think I’ve had an autocorrect fail that was really bad. Most were just so far out there, the reader could tell it was a mistake. My biggest thing, though, is accidentally switching to the Czech keyboard I have installed and autocorrecting my English text in the Czech language,

  4. I don’t think I’ve sent any bad texts (and if I did, it was just to my children). My daughter has the swipe-texting and I get some pretty funny texts from her because of that. Then again, even when she speaks she has a language all her own! :)

    My friend is our senior pastor’s administrative assistant and is always afraid auto-correct will “get her” and send “thong” instead of “thing”!

  5. Not bad, just interesting… a couple weeks ago I was texting my sister-in-law and it changed her name “Leah” to “pray”. I knew I should stop what I was doing and pray for her. God only knows what that was all about.

  6. Jonathan, I’m glad to find your blog. This is a great post–and shows the power of words. The slightest changes, whether because of technology, misunderstanding or dialect, can have enormous ramifications. Thank you for this example. @skipprichard


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