In the Moment

LIve in the moment.

Don’t spend so much time trying to get to the next moment that you miss the one you’re in.

Each second has its own sight, sounds, and specialties.
Each moment has opportunities for joy, fun, and divine moments.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, live with Jesus… in the moment.

  • slow down.
  • eat slower.
  • drive slower.
  • be more aware.
  • listen to the sounds around you more.
  • listen to God most.

Be in the moment.

What have you found that helps you be in the moment?

18 thoughts on “In the Moment

  1. Just this morning, in my devotional time (reading Isaiah 45), God hit me with this thought: “Every moment, every day is an opportunity to respond to Me.”

    I definitely need to remember that all through the day.

  2. Good reminder. Thanks, Jonathan. One way I have to be in the moment is to NOT multitask when interacting with people. People need our fully devoted attention. Easy to say…hard for me to do.

  3. I’m constantly reminding my son to enjoy the moment. He always wants to know what we’re doing next and looking past the moment. Drives me nuts because I tend towards living in the moment naturally.

  4. Disconnecting helps me to be in the moment – turning off my iPad and iPhone, stepping away from the computer and just being. I try to do it on a weekly basis.

  5. This is so true and I really agree! :) We should live life to the fullest.. No time wasted. :)

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