3 Stages of Understanding

When I come across new music that I like, I rarely just buy one song off of iTunes.

I usually buy the entire album.

After I download it, I listen straight through the CD. My thinking, of course, is that if I like the one song, I may like the entire album.

As I was listening to a new album last week, I had this thought…

I learn music in 3 stages.

And, I don’t think it’s just music that I go through these stages in. In fact, I think much of what I do and understand some how and in some ways tracks through 3 similar stages of understanding…

1. Beat

The first few times of hearing a new song, I get a sense of the beat of the song… I understand the tempo a little. There’s really (at least for me) nothing more to it the first few times. I have a very limited and general understanding. However, I usually make a decision based on that limited information as to if I want to continue to learn the son.

2. Basics

After hearing the song for a few days and weeks, I begin to get a basic understanding. i understand the tempo to the song, some of the instruments used in the song, and some of the words (the chorus mainly). At this point, I have a basic understanding of what the song is about and where the artist is coming from.

3. Details

Finally, after a few weeks of hearing a song repeatedly, I begin to fully understand it. The little things in the song begin to stand out to me. I begin to know what those hard to understand words are (you know, the ones you usually just hum too?). I get the details of it and understand it completely. Now, don’t get me wrong… I still don’t know it as well as the artists.

Why is any of this important?

Because, if we can get through these stages quicker, the possibilities are better. If we can help others understand more quickly, the vision will be closer to becoming a reality.

What about you? Have you noticed this process in any particular life situations? Any unique places/leadership areas?

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