#Linsanity – Determination, Hard Work, & Seizing Opportunity

I don’t know how many  of you have heard the story of Jeremy Lin and his sudden rise to stardom in the NBA, but here are some of the details about this guy…

  • Not offered a single athletic scholarship out of high school
  • Walked on for Harvard University
  • Undrafted out of college
  • Signed and cut by 2 NBA teams
  • 4 string pointguard for the NY Knicks
  • Starting pointguard for the Knicks on Feb 4th because of multiple injuries to other players.
  • 4 straights 20 point games.
  • Scored 38 points Friday night to help the Knicks beat the Lakers.

How’d he do it?

  • He didn’t listen to all of the people that said he couldn’t.
  • He didn’t pout when rejection came knocking, he used it as fuel to get better.
  • He was prepared for the opportunity that was given to him.

The time between now and your opportunity is crucial.

What we do between now and the opportunity is what determines our level of success.

What we do while we’re waiting on our opportunity to present itself is critical to the result when the opportunity arises.

Preperation can be a hard thing.
Displaying patience while you have a burning desire can be torturing.
Working hard between the dream and the opportunity can be a seemingly endless process.

Regardless of what you’ve been called to-do.

No matter what your dream is…

Prepare for the the future opportunities today!
Take advantage of the opportunities you’re given.

Go for it! 

What opportunities are waiting for you to seize them? What are you doing now to prepare for them? What’s stopping you?


  1. I wrote something similar in today’s post. It’s one thing to dream big and have lots of vision, but at some point, we actually have to do something, even if it’s something little to get started. Great post, man.

  2. To seiz you oppotunity it needs to be sencetive in the spirit,we need to be:Determened,Dedicated on a daily bacis and commited to what we are doing to get positive results when the time comes our way.Exmples,Joseph hard passed through allmost all what God wanted him to pass through,but waited for one person who could introduce him to the King for him to fullfil what God wanted him to acompulish.So we need some one whom God will bring at the right time,in the right place for the right purpose to be fullfiled in Gods kingdom.
    Pastor vincent and stella Balisanyuka uganda


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