30 Times You Shouldn’t #Tweet

  1. While using the bathroom
  2. When you’ve had an argument with your spouse.
  3. When you’re in the shower.
  4. During your best friend’s wedding.
  5. During certain ‘spousal activities’.
  6. While at a funeral.
  7. While giving the eulogy at a funeral.
  8. During counseling sessions.
  9. During a job interview.
  10. While driving.
  11. During your own wedding.
  12. While in a meeting with Facebook executives.
  13. On a first date.
  14. While being pulled over for reckless driving.
  15. When you’re drunk.
  16. While watching a movie.
  17. While being attacked by a shark.
  18. During surgery.
  19. While performing surgery.
  20. While on jury duty.
  21. While on trial.
  22. While sharpening knives.
  23. While praying.
  24. In the middle of a shoot out.
  25. During a robbery.
  26. While being robbed.
  27. During a fire.
  28. While giving birth.
  29. While lifeguarding.
  30. While being tossed around in a natural disaster.

Thanks to my twitter friends for some of these!
Ok, your turn. When should you NOT tweet?


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