#Eli the Underdog & The Giants #SuperBowl Champs

While many of us were busy eating chips and salsa and buffalo wings while watching the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl commercials, Eli Manning and the New York Giants were busy doing what they’ve become so good at…

Winning against the odds.

When asked at the beginning of the season if he was an elite quarterback, Eli Manning responded with confidence. After losing 4 games in a row earlier in the year, Eli and the Giants were able to bounce back in a big way.

They’ve been the underdogs for much of the year.
Eli’s been the underdog for much of his life.

Sure, Eli was always highly regarded as a QB, but has always lived under his brother’s shadow.

He’s an underdog.

But he gets it done. In fact, he now has one more Super Bowl ring than his more talked about and hyped brother.


Because he doesn’t listen to the people that say he can’t…
He just does.
He believes.

He wins.

Hoping you and I can learn from it.

Don’t let people tell you what you can’t do, work hard to be sure you show them what you are capable of doing!

Your thoughts? Did you watch the game? Heck, share your favorite commercial.


  1. I can’t really answer any of the questions since I didn’t watch the game so have no idea about the commercials. I do root for the underdog though. that is why I have been a Pirate fan all my life.

  2. Hmfsli

    Didn’t see the commercials either as I watched the game on the BBC. The whole game was an object lesson in determination, strength in adversity &, in the final drive, a real sense of having done all you can & needing to trust others to complete the job (well played Giants Defense!).

  3. Great points, Jonathan. I needed the reminder today.

    I watched…sort of. I didn’t really pull for either team, except that since my Lead Pastor is a big Patriots fan, I naturally was hoping they’d win.

    My favorite spot was the Volkswagon exercising dog spot…although it didn’t hold a candle to last year’s Vader Kid spot.


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