1. 1. Today the maximum temperature was 22 degrees Celsius (72 degrees F). That’s quite cold for this time of year in Australia. 30-35 degrees celsius (86-95 degrees F) would be more normal

    2. Finding a job. Did not expect to still be unemployed at this point.

    3. So unhealthy, but I really like McDonalds. The McDonalds stores here have amazing ice chocolate frappes. The number of calories in them is insane but they taste so good.

    4. Growing

  2. 1. An outrageous 50 in January!

    2. getting rid of a cyst on my right index finger between my nail and knuckle. It will take a pro to do it. Chopping the end of the finger off is not an option.

    3. Chipotle. Chik-fil-A would be next

    4. Passionate

  3. 1. A fabulous 43* with a high around 50*! Maybe I’ll survive this winter!

    2. Could use a little financial help to get our Visa bill paid off and get a new couch.

    3. I don’t do fast food, but we do eat at Panera quite a bit. :)

    4. Encourager

    Have a fabulous day, Jonathan!

  4. 1. 46 degrees…but it’s supposed to reach 67 today. Woohoo!

    2. Folding my laundry

    3. We don’t have one around here but I love Schlotzsky’s Deli. Yum :)

    4. Accepting

  5. Melissa Pearson

    These are my favorite posts… :)

    1. Too cold.. I’m ready for summer!

    2. housework.. jk :) You are great at helping with housework!

    3. It’s a three way tie: Chipolte – Moe’s – Chick-fil-a

    4. Compassionate

  6. 1. 61 degrees. Normally it’s in the 20’s at the end of January. I now have spring fever!

    2. Finances. I have roughly $1000 worth of bills (not counting food and gas) that need to be paid by next week and only $200 to my name. I’m believing for a miracle.

    3. Jimmy Johns

    4. Loyal

  7. 1. only one degree Celsius! We had snow too!
    2. finding confidence that I’m doing the right thing.
    3. not too much of a fast-food person myself… Burger King, unless Nandos counts as fast-food!
    4. Caring. Or at least I hope so!

      1. Nandos is a chicken place. Plenty of them in the UK – and you get very yummy chicken wings and other chicken delicacies… with sides such as corn on the hob!
        If you ever come here, you should give it a go!

  8. 1. 70 degrees F
    2. Getting my new blog/website finished up. (I have 2 blogs that I want to combine.) I HATE TECH STUFF.
    3. CFA, of course. Closest one to me is actually in your town, Jonathan.
    4. Analytical. (Some would say the emphasis is on “anal”)

  9. As you can see, I’m behind in my reading!

    1. What’s the temperature where you are? Today is supposed to be 82 degrees; way to warm for the winter.

    2. What’s something you need help with right now? Getting closer to God, but also putting aside time to spend with Him.

    3. What’s your favorite fast food place? I’m in the middle of a Daniel Fast right now, so fast food is off the list.

    4. If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be? Friendly


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