Bow Out or Push Through

No matter what you and I do or what we want to accomplish, if it’s worth while and is going to produce results, they’ll come a time when it gets hard.

They’ll come a time when we have to decide.

Will we…

Bow Out or Push Through

The people that live mediocre lives bow out,
the people that accomplish things and reshape the world push through.

They find the motivation and determination to push through the “I wanna quit” moments.
They believe their mission is worth times of uncomfortable surroundings, depressing results, and tough people.

So, what will you do?
What will I do?

Bow Out or Push Through?


  1. Pushing through is the only option. At times, there are plenty of reasons to bow out but quitting never seems to get it done.

    BTW I am SC boy(Greenville) and my wife is a SC girl(Moncks Corner). We moved a little further south about 3 years ago.


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