5 Reasons People Quit

1. It wasn’t as easy as they were led to believe.

One of the main reasons people quit reaching towards a dream or a vision or a task is because they begin to realize that it’s going to be a lot harder to accomplish than they were led to believe going into it. Maybe that’s because their boss or leader didn’t give them the full details or maybe because they’ve convinced themselves that it’ll be easy, but they eventually realize it’s going to be a difficult task. Instead of pushing through, they decide to give up. Make no mistake, any goal/vision/task that is going to accomplish something great is going to bring us to a “quit or push through” time. Many quit… the successful push through.

2. They don’t have a clear purpose.

Some people quit before accomplishing their goal because they don’t really understand the purpose behind it. Maybe they feel like they’re stuck doing meaningless task after meaningless task or maybe it’s just a vision that they have trouble believing in (they don’t own it), either way, they don’t fully understand the purpose. So, they quit. Leaders, tell your followers about the bigger purpose… you don’t have to share it all, but certainly enough.

3. They’re lazy.

Simply put, some people are too lazy to see anything to completion. Sure, they’ll start, but they quickly lose momentum and motivation. These people either eventually change or never accomplish anything. No matter what you’re doing, don’t quit because of your own laziness… find something you believe in and are motivated by.

4. They believe they’ve done all they can.

Some people quit because they think they’ve accomplished everything they could have. They believe that they’re done… that their purpose has been fulfilled. As I’ve stated on this blog before, when that’s the case, you won’t be around anymore… God still has purpose for you! Don’t quit, you’re still valuable.

5. They lack the right people around them.

We all have to have those people around us that can pick us up when we get knocked on our keester. For some, it’s a spouse, for others, it’s a friend. We need encouragers. The people who don’t have an encourager often quit before they accomplish the task. Find the right people to put around you.

OK, add to the list. Why have you quit in the past? What has helped you ‘stick to it’?


  1. Is this different than quitting because God’s hand may not be in the opportunity anymore?

    And, as you see by my link below, I “quit” my last job, and started 4 new ones. But say what you think — I won’t take it personal, Jonathan. :)

  2. Kimberly Shaver Ayer

    I think for alot of people the start is easier than the finish. We are in such a microwave society. We want it now, lacking the patience to see things through to the end.

  3. I tend to give up when I’m not completely sold out to what I’m doing. If it was just an idea I had on a whim that I try, it’s easier for me to give up than if it’s something I’m committed to.

  4. Sonia Elo

    .1. They lack wisdom. Dont know what to do as at when to do. How to do and where to do what they are supposed to do. .2. They lack vision. .3. They are not patient. Always in a hurry. .4. They dont have professional knowledge about it. And when it’s not working, they feel something is wrong with the system. ‘No bro something has got to be wrong with you because you aint got skills! Go learn one and stop putting a square peg in a round hole. U got what i’m saying?’ Dont mean to be too strict but this is what we need to be told.


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