Unity in Grace

For the church, unity means putting aside what we could argue forever about and coming together in a concentrated effort against Satan…

Coming together to reach people with the world’s most specialized, urgent, and high-risk mission – reaching the world for Jesus Christ.

Unity flows from grace, not doctrine.

If you and I are going to become undivided and unified around the mission of reaching the lost in our generation, grace must be at the front of our motives. We can’t get hung up on our individual personal convictions and allow them to separate us from the rest of the Church.

Grace, at its core brings about restoration – it brings about unity. Grace is given completely unmerited, regardless of details and regardless of debated doctrine. Grace is completely free. Given to us by the Savior of the world. It has to be extended by us to a dying world. It also has to be extended by us to the very people that we consider to be team mates in the battle we call evangelism.

If our beliefs about each other can’t be based on the very thing that saves us, we must question rather grace is really all we claim it to be.

It can.

We can become undivided around the greatest gift ever given humanity. The beautiful and unmerited faction of grace can unify us.

We must.

Too much is at stake.

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