4 Reasons You And I Are Like A Christmas Tree

We collect things over the years.

Looking at any Christmas tree is kinda like a trip down memory lane. We all have those ornaments that instantly bring back memories when we look at them. Maybe they’re ornaments that our children made or just something we bought on vacation, our Christmas trees are shaped by years of collecting ornaments and decorations.

You and I are kinda like that. Our experiences in the past and the people we’ve come in contact with shape us over the years. The things we learn and the places we go all make us… us.

Our potential to shine.

A Christmas tree’s main job is to light up and provide beauty. Without the tree being plugged in and lit, it kinda loses its luster and purpose. Sure, the tree is still there, but it’s not doing what it’s meant to do.

We have the potential to light up every place we go. To shed light and hope in every area of our lives. To give light to our place of work, our family, places we shop, our church, places we eat, our school, and anywhere else we go. If we don’t provide that light, we’re not accomplishing our purpose.

It’s what’s underneath that really matters.

Call me selfish and materialistic, but my favorite part of the Christmas tree… the gifts underneath. Sure, it’s great to give gifts, but I also like to GET gifts. Really the tree just kinda houses the gifts for me… it’s what’s underneath the tree that matters most.

It’s our heart that really matters. God wants our hearts to be pure and focused on him and accessible to his shaping and molding. It’s what’s underneath us that really matters too. Sure, we need to change our actions, but if our heart’s right, we’ll get the outside right.

We need something to hold us up.

My Christmas tree would fall and break all of the gifts under it if it didn’t have a tree stand holding it up and supporting its weight.

You and I need people to hold us up. People close to us to encourage us and call us out when we’re screwing up. We need support from a church family and from friends. Find support and use it!

Can you think of any more? Add in the comments.


  1. We start out pretty rough, but as people start to bring us new decorations (wise advice), we are becoming a new creation. During the creation process, we may not see how it will all fit together, but should welcome that advice all the same because we have the potential to be a better, shinier witness!
    (The more tinsel the better!)

  2. If it’s a real tree, then there usually are some not-so-pretty spots that we try to hide or disguise in various ways, but they are still part of the tree. We all have those areas in our lives that aren’t the prettiest, but they still make up who we are and instead of hiding them, we should be okay with letting other people see them and help us heal.

  3. When going to find a tree you want to find the perfect one to adopt into your family. You take time to make sure it’ll fit your needs (Size, etc for your home)

    God has chosen us, and adopted us into his family. The family of God.

  4. I’m tempted to make some joke about being flammable, but I won’t :)

    I guess you could say that a Christmas tree spends years being prepared. A lot of time is seemingly wasted while it’s growing, but that’s precisely what is needed for it to be seen and loved by many.

  5. Paul Niessen

    The best quality to me about a Christmas tree is that it is an evergreen just as we true followers of Christ should be with all those who may be spiritually lost around – always showing life even and especially in the darkest areas of life.


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