1. 1. Silent Night and Oh little town of Bethlehem. Hard to choose from both…

    2. God giving me such a wonderful family!

    3. iPad 2 maybe? :)

    4. Eww.. No Egg Nog for me! Apple Cider please.

  2. 1. I like O Holy Night but not sure that is considered a carol. I would say Joy to the World then (because it is joy). Did you know that carol was never intended to be a carol? Little trivia.

    2. Family. Close second are my friends.

    3. I am not into much so I would be a cheap Christmas for you. I would say a gift card to a bike shop or for jigsaw puzzles.

    4. Can’t stand cider. Egg nog too unhealthy. How about some good old cold Lowfat Chocolate milk? A Diet Dr Pepper also works. :)

  3. Melissa Pearson

    1.Silver Bells because it was my nanny’s favorite
    2.I am most thankful for you! You are the greatest husband in the world!!
    3.hmm… a vacation :)
    4. Apple Cider definitely..

  4. Mom

    Here goes the Mom thing again:

    Probably Silent Night
    Most thankful for Family
    If not a Million Dollars, a Great big hug would work!
    Apple Cider

  5. Thomas Mason

    1. What’s your favorite Christmas carol? O Come All Ye Faithful

    2. What are you most thankful for this Christmas season? Time off from work.

    3. If I could give you one thing for Christmas, what would it be? One Million Dollars

    4. Egg Nog or Apple Cider? Egg Nog

  6. James

    1. I holy night or Mary did you know. Hard to choose .
    2. Definitely my family and friends.
    3. A successful business.
    4. Another hard choice, I love both. Cider when its cold and your outside, eggnog to go with cookies.

  7. 1. O Holy Night. I play that song on repeat the whole Christmas season. And sometimes after.

    2. My family – and how God has brought us through probably the roughest past year ever.

    3. A couple hundred million dollars in unmarked bills and a getaway car. Oh wait. That was for something else. Nevermind. Unless you have a couple hundred million you want to give me. :P

    4. My initial response would be Apple Cider, but I have a growing taste for Egg Nog.

  8. 1. O Holy Night
    2. God’s faithfulness to our family
    3. A keyboard – going to be hard to get one (affordably) here in Indonesia.
    4. Egg nog, definitely. Love that stuff. Probably won’t get any of that here either (we can make the cider, haven’t tried making egg nog).

    Great questions! Merry Christmas to all

  9. 1. Little Drummer Boy (we each have gifts that we worship Jesus with)
    2. Opportunity to be in Allendale, SC, and new jobs in 2012
    3. A new design for my blog. I don’t have the skills/time to finish it up myself.
    4. Hot Cocoa

    1. Since you’re using WordPress.com, I could seriously give you some help. Email me a link to a couple of designs you like and your UN/PW and I’ll give it a shot. Would love to do that for you. Jonathanfpearson (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks as always, Joey!

  10. 1. “O, Holy Night” sung by Andy Williams (Faith Hill has an amazing version as well.)

    2. I’m thankkful for healthy, happy (and a bit whacky) children, a husband who is actively trying to make our marriage better, and all the “stuff” God provides. We are blessed.

    3. Donation to a charity who will help families who would otherwise have nothing for Christmas. (Food, toys, etc)

    4. Egg Nog


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