3 Signs God’s Not Done With You

1. You’re forgiven

You were done. You were doomed. Now you’re forgiven. If God were done with you, He wouldn’t have gone to such great lengths to make forgiveness a permanent thing.

You’re still forgiven. There’s still hope because you can come to the Father in confidence that He hears you… Just you and Him.

2. You’re alive

When you’re done, you’re dead.

God still has something for you to do. he still sees you’re valuable for Earth or He’d have you in heaven. You have purpose. It’s still being accomplished.

3. You’re family

You’ve been adopted into God’s family. In fact, scripture calls you a child of the most high God.

If God was finished with you and didn’t think you could do anything else for Him or youre not valuable to the family, you wouldn’t be in it.

Take heart, God’s not done with you.

Regardless of how you feel or what you’ve been told.

You still have value
You still have work to do!

Any other signs you could add?


  1. Wayne

    Yes I am a work in progress. I need to remind myself daily that I am forgiven in Christ and He has something for me to do while here. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I wish God was finished with me. That is, I wish it was time for me to join Him. I tire of this world, of it’s inequality, self-centredness, greed, injustice. I tire of feeling powerless to help people with their pain and addictions (apart from prayer). I tire of dealing with people who fail to see the obvious signs of God’s existence and love. I am tired. I want to go home.

  3. Sonia Elo

    God is still not done with me. Sometimes i make mistakes. Other times I doubt after I have believed. But at present I found out my fault. I am too in a hurry. I found out that God’s ways are not my ways and that His thoughts are higher than my thought. I’ve got to be Obedient, Patient and have faith in Him because he created me and also knows what’s best for me. I know God’s still not done with me because when I look at the mirror- His word, I see the me He wants me to be and that what I am now is A WORK STILL IN PROGRESS. There is a song in Nigeria that says ‘I AM A DIVINE PROJECT, I’M NOT TO BE ABANDONED, I’M A CONTRACT TO MY LORD, HE WILL NEVER FORGET ME UNTIL HE FINISHES HIS PROJECT IN MY LIFE.

  4. adc

    I feel like such a mess..I wish I could know for sure that God’s not done with me..I keep falling in the same areas, I’m so sick of it, everytime I start gettin somerwhere I always fall in the most devastating way, wish I could just wake up and this would be nothing but a nightmare..I wish God could help me, hopefully God’s not done, cuz I’m about to give up on myself. I’ve sinned way to much for God to forgive me completely. God pleeaasseeeeeee help me and saver and forgive me for what I’ve done


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