1. evie

    Honestly, I’ve never owned an Apple product so take this as you will, but I say yes, they are true. I know someone who received a new Creative mp3 player that was top technology (at that time anyway) and she took it to her university and was using it and several people asked her if it was a “generic” mp3 player. She asked them what they meant by “generic” and they said, “It’s not an ipod.”

  2. That’s actually the first time I’ve seen the video, but the anti-iPhone commercials are getting old. People will use what they like. My iPhone 4 has great reception, I’m familiar with it and integrates into my life with ease.

    You can’t really argue with 500,000 apps and counting for the iOS platform.

    So yes, maybe the stereotypes are true.

    I thought the “I’m a creative. You’re a barista” was HILARIOUS.


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