Teen Shot Because He’s Gay – We Do It Too

Friends said King, an eighth grader who lived in a group home called Casa Pacifica, was proud of being openly gay. He liked wearing jewelry and makeup to school and he often wore high-heeled boots with the school uniform. He asked his teachers to call him Leticia instead of Larry. Some students bullied him, pupils said. Found here.

It seems outrageous to us that a 14 year old would shoot someone for being gay. That a 14 year old would base anyone else’s life worth on what they said they preferred.

The truth is, you and I do this often without really knowing it.

True, it’s not to this extent… we never shoot anyone or kill them physically.

But we dismiss them because of the way they act or the way they look or where they’re from.
We refuse to build relationships with people because of what we’ve heard about them.

And so we basically decide that they’re not important because they do ____ or don’t do ______ or look like ______ or hang out with ______ or have ______ for parents or _____ for children or live in ______.

And by refusing to associate with them, we let them drift off without knowledge of our beliefs and without ever taking the time to show and communicate the ‘life saver’ to them… tell them about Jesus.

We have to take responsibility for the people around us
no matter what they claim or what we think about them.

For us Christians, we can share life…
or choose to keep Life to ourselves.

Your thoughts?


  1. Darrell Childress

    They will know we are Christians by our love…that should be our goal and our mantra We’re not here to condemn and judge, but to spread love and hope. We certainly don’t have to agree with everything going on in the world today, but we were once there ourselves.
    Happy Thanksgiving Jonathan, you’re a blessing!

  2. The thing that really bothers me about this whole thing is that it doesn’t shock me anymore. This behavior is finding itself too comon in our world today.

    I pray that God will be over this whole situation and that we, as Christians would share the love of Christ with people like this.

  3. Stuff like this just breaks my heart. I’ve finally come to the point in my faith, beliefs, heart that EVERYONE (black, white, straight, gay, married, divorced, criminal, etc) is a child of God and I have no business judging them. God loves them ALL, regardless of their sin. I have sin. I just exchange the name of their sin for my sin and I’m just as sinful. I really am working on making those labels stop being my first thoughts when I see, hear, meet other people. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I see this a lot in Allendale. While there is not as much overt racism as I expected (especially compared to the town I grew up in), there is still a separation of people / mindsets / cultures, even among the churches.

    But there are some really great folks in some of these churches, and I believe that God is doing a work here, to bring about redemption and harmony (first with Himself, then with each other).

  5. Cody Mahurin

    Love this! It’s so true. When I was a senior in high school, I was getting ready to move to a new school towards the end of the year. Before I did, there were a few people I knew at the new school that warned me about this dude that is a Satanist….and he made sure that he was known to hate Christians. God totally set up “workshop” as soon as I walked in to that school. I had weightlifting class with him and we were neighbors in our work stations! Long story short: he was one of the coolest people I met within the 3 months I was at that new school. We still keep in touch. He doesn’t necessarily hate Christians. He hates the “fake” Christians. Hes looking for someone that TRULY walks in the light of God and contains the Holy Spirit. I believe that’s why God has connected us. Pray that God continues to shine light through me so he can see that there are people who have REALLY surrendered their lives unto God!


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