Following: Simon Says Let Me Lead

Simon says, “hop on one foot.”
Simon says, “raise your right hand.”

We remember the game Simon Says and playing it as a child.

One person would lead the group and give commands.
If it didn’t begin with “Simon says,…” the group wasn’t supposed to make a move.

A wrong move meant that the person was out of the game.

I haven’t checked lately, but I’m betting that fewer and fewer kids are playing Simon Says.


Because we’ve quit listening to commands,
we’ve quit being willing to follow Simon or anyone else.

Instead, we’ve all decided to be leaders when we often have trouble leading ourselves and our families.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in leadership…

I’d even go as far as to say that I believe that we all have a little ‘leader’ in us.


We also have some follower….
a lot of follower.

To follow Christ,
to follow Mom and Dad,
to follow our husband,
to follow our teacher,
to follow our mentor,
to follow our boss,
to follow our pastor,

to follow our leader.

We have to get back to being willing to follow where those people who have been placed in leadership over us want us to go.

To follow,
before we lead.

Simon may say it,
but we’ve quit listening.

Follow your leader. 


  1. I’ve always believed that the greatest leaders are also the greatest followers. They are humble enough to submit to someone else and help achieve someone else’s dream.

  2. There’s got to be a balance between leading and following. Jesus is the perfect example. He did only what the Father told Him to do (humble). But He also had followers (leading). Jesus always pointed people to the Father…never to Himself.

    Following… humility… hmmm.


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