Beauty From Distress

Why do leaves change colors in the fall?

Well, to summarize, it’s because the shorter days and smaller amounts of sunshine force the plants to begin storing food in itself for winter. In short, the trees begin to realize that they’re only weeks away from dying if they don’t do something.

It’s really just a coping mechanism.

But amidst the panic and distress of the autumn trees, God brings about beauty.

In the midst of the plants scurry for food and their lack of photosynthesis (a big word I learned about in science class), there comes about something beautiful that you and I get to enjoy year after year.

What if…

  • What you’re going through right now is meant to end in something beautiful?
  • Your surroundings are preparing you for a bounty?
  • Your worry is gonna result in God’s perfect work?
  • Your distressed now because the beauty is not far?

Hang in there.

God has a way of bringing about beauty from distress.

In nature.
In me.
In you.

How have you seen God do beautiful things through tough processes?


  1. YES! The past three years have not been easy, but God has used them to give birth to my dream and produce a new level of faith in me that I didn’t have previously. Something beautiful indeed.

  2. Absolutely, dude. I think about the incredibly bad ministry experiences I have had in the past and how God has been preparing me for where He is leading me next. It’s hard to see the beauty in the middle of the distress…but hindsight and all.

  3. Wonderful post. I think our minds were thinking in the same direction this week. I wrote about our ultimate victory! “In His time He makes ALL things beautiful!” Even during the tough times, God sends us His blessings.
    Have a great day!

  4. Absolutely – Yes! God has been working through the challenges we have found in dealing with an illness that my wife has. We have seen God do amazing things through our brokenness. We have developed compassion for others in similar situations. We have learned to realize that we can’t do it on our own. We have learned the power in the body of believers.


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