Social Media Numbers: Which to Count

“It’s all about the numbers.”

That statement brings about controversy no matter the subject.

Some bring that statement into social media and believe that it applies.

It’s hard to argue with the fact that numbers don’t lie and that numbers tell a story,
but it often depends on what numbers we’re looking at.

If you’re solely looking at the daily hits on your blog, you’re looking at the wrong numbers.
If you’re looking at subscribers on your blog, you’re looking at the wrong number.
If you’re looking at the number of anybody’s following you on twitter, you’re looking at the wrong numbers.

The numbers that count?

The numbers that indicate accomplishment of the end goal.

If you’re goal is to sell, look at your sells numbers that come from twitter followers.
Did your sells increase with the number of followers?

If you’re goal is to share the Gospel, look at the amount of people you’re interacting with (it is about relationship).

If you’re goal is fun, just stay away from the numbers.

So, you see…

Numbers ALWAYS matter,
the right ones at least.

what numbers matter to you?


  1. I’ve always had issue with people who make everything about the numbers, especially in the church. I think it’s because I’ve never marked success just by numbers, but by quality. The numbers I look at are not how many people are in my ministry, but how many have been impacted, are growing and are making disciples of their own. I could easily have a group of over 100 students at each college who just show up and do their Christian duty, but I would rather have a group of 10 people who change the world. Great post JP!

  2. It is far to easy for many to get caught up in the numbers game, especially with social media. My goal is to share the Gospel, encourage, and show a different perspective than what someone may be used to.

    Numbers can drive you crazy and when I first started blogging and using social media I was engrossed with numbers…but not anymore. God has called me to this and He will give whatever increase He sees fit. If one person is touched then it is worth it.

    Thanks Jonathan.

  3. Hi Jonathan!

    I frequently get disappointed by what I considered as the basis for blogging success–“number” of followers. I’m glad I came by your blog to be reminded that what truly matters is not how many people follow my blog but by how many people whose lives are touched by what I wrote on my blog.

    Thank you for this post! :-)

  4. Good thoughts. I was just thinking about this topic this morning. I don’t want to care about numbers. It’s so easy to get swept up at looking at numbers to keep track of success. I want my words to inspire or encourage others. And if that’s only an audience of one today…that’s fine. Several years ago, when I first start leading small groups, I used to get so anxious on weeks when only a handful of people showed up. BUT, those always turn out to be the most powerful, meaningful sessions.

  5. It’s all about the fun!

    I’m thankful that the numbers are growing because it’s more people to share the fun with- but I do find that when I focus on the numbers, I’m not having as much fun. I get discouraged as if I’m not making an impact.

    Thanks for reminding me that it’s the relationships that matter- and that is definitely the richest part of this writing journey.

    You are a blessing Jonathan!


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