3 Tips For Reaching Millennials

1. See where they are.

In order to reach anyone, we have to have an awareness of where they are and where they’re coming from.

For millenniasl, we’re coming from a place of many ‘ways’ to God and many views of who God is. This has helped shape us and who we are and what we think about religion as a whole. Understand this when you talk to us. Don’t beat a millennial up because they have what seems like a messed up view. Don’t beat them for sin, win them with love. They will respond.

2. Show them what to do.

Millennials want to make a difference… regardless of their religious experiences.

They want to do something with what they have and where they are. Call them to action. Call them to make a difference. Call them to a growing relationship with Jesus. Let them know that you aren’t calling them to a system or a set of rules, but a relationship. Following Jesus is a chance to participate in eternal history. Show them about that opportunity. Show them that they have a chance for community… with Jesus and with other believers.

3. Know what they can do.

Ultimately, you have to make the decision that millennials matter to you.

You have to decide that they’re worth changing for and worth making the effort for. The truth is, millennials have a chance unlike any other gee ration to change the world. It’s easier than ever for us to come together around our passions. It’s easier than ever for us to spread the message of hope. If you reach us, we’ll change the world!

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Your thoughts? What have you seen when trying to reach millennials?


  1. Your points are very true, I especially like the second one. This generation wants to be involved in a great cause. They don’t want to watch the game they want to play in the game.

  2. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that they have a desire to change the world, but don’t always have the know-how or even see the potential within themselves. My ministry to college and high school students has been primarily helping them to see the God-given potential within them, and helping them pursue it.

  3. Brad Gouwens

    W have really de-emphasized the teaching portion of our young adult ministry and starting really helping them digest what they are already taking in. Moving them from hypothetical application to real-world, tomorrow implications.

  4. “Millennials want to make a difference” – I think this is huge.

    Besides the hippy riots of the 60’s I don’t think I know of a more social engaged and concerned generation (while at the same time elitist and selfish).

    People have an innate need to matter. We want to be remembered. The challenge is we need to be showed how.

    Solid stuff.

  5. I blog and teach on transformation: throwing off the sins and bad habits that bind us so we can love God and others better.

    I’ve found that millennials are much more willing to make the effort to renew their minds so they can experience transformation than are the older generations I teach. I love the enthusiasm and willingness to change that I see in this generation.

    I’m excited to see what they’ll do in the world.


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