Pointing Finger or Lending Hand

My mom always taught me not to point my finger at people.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had less tendency to point my finger at strangers, and more propensity to point my finger at the very people I should be supporting.

I think a lot of it’s human nature.

  • To point the finger of blame when it’s someone else’s fault
  • To point the finger of blame when It’s our own fault.
  • To point the finger of blame when something goes wrong.

So, even after all that training my Mom did, I still haven’t gotten good at keeping my finger to myself.

Instead of pointing my finger, though, I should…

  • Support others when they mess up. They know it already, they don’t need me taking em down further.
  • Fess up to a mistake, I’ll learn in the process.
  • Know when I help contribute to a problem.
  • Support the people around me no matter who I’m in conversation with.

Where are you pointing your finger when you should be lending a hand?


  1. I was actually just challenged by this very thought last night – that instead of pointing my finger at other people’s mistakes, I need to support them and encourage them. Thanks for that confirmation and reminder!

  2. Lessa

    This is common practice where I work at the moment but it has never been given such a nice phrase to describe it, I will use the exact phrase of pointing finger or lending hand next time I see an example of it


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