Amanda Knox’s Freedom & Yours

I haven’t followed the story of Amanda Knox that closely.

Just in the last few days have I began to follow what’s happening.

I’m thankful that she gets a chance to go free and be reunited with her family and friends.

There’s such joy in freedom.

So, I can only imagine what Knox will do as she sets foot in Seattle with her family and close friends.

Here’s my question today though…

You’ve spent four years away from home. Now you get the chance to come back.

What’s the first thing you’d do?


  1. I find ways to help those around me experience that same freedom. I think it’s important that we understand our freedom is not for us alone but so we can set others free.

  2. Besides hugging my family and friends, I would probably walk around the house looking at everything, touching everything, remembering how things once were. Then I’d pull a chair up to the dinner table and enjoy conversation with my loved ones as we enjoyed home cooked food.


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