4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Quit

 We all have those moments… usually they come and go pretty quickly, but sometimes they stick around for a while…

Those “I QUIT” moments.

Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t quit just yet…

1. God’s not done with you.

If you’re dealing with wanting to quit… no matter what you do, remember that God’s not done with you. If He was finished using you, you’d be dead. Since you’re reading this, I assume you’re alive and kicking. God’s still using you, working in you, and working through you. Don’t quit. He hasn’t quit on you. No matter what you do, do it with His purpose in mind because He’s the One that is still believing in you… even if you’ve quit believing in yourself

2. People are counting on you.

Your family, your co-workers, your friends, the people that you need to encourage and pour into are counting on you. They’re counting on you, not to be perfect, but to be available and present. Don’t quit just yet. Whatever you do, if you’re thinking about quitting, hold on… people need you.

3. You’re goals aren’t completed.

You’ve been called. You believed in your vision. You haven’t completed it yet. Don’t quit when you’re half way through it. Nehemiah is a great example. When the wall was half up, his dream was being realized… that’s when the opposition began to arise. He finished rebuilding the wall… he finished his goal. You need to do the same.

4. You’re called.

Simply put, you’re called where you are. You’re called to impact whoever is around you. You’re called to love and serve Christ faithfully right where you are until God speaks a CLEAR word to tell you to move. Don’t quit.

I don’t know where you are. I don’t know if you’re a pastor that’s thinking about walking away, or a student that’s thinking about dropping out, or even a parent that’s thinking about hanging it up,


Any more advice for those of us that wanna quit sometimes?


  1. Thanks for this post, it is very encouraging and challenging at the same time.

    I would however like to add this: don’t quit – your vision, or your calling. Sometimes, when the going gets tough, you want to leave because you’re tired. That’s when you shouldn’t quit.

    But sometimes, staying in a role means quitting or compromising your vision. Sometimes quitting a role is actually the thing to do to make your vision progress.

    I’m a PhD student. I’ve thought many times about quitting, because I questioned the reasons why I started it in the first place. I hadn’t goals in mind, except for the natural “getting a doctorate”. Ultimately, there was a reason I was there, and I could get involved with the local Christian Union and many peripheral things happened as a consequence of the PhD. So in many ways, I’m glad I carried on.

    But there should be no shame in asking for help, or in changing your strategy. And most definitely no shame in crying out to God – and I think it is very important to make it clear in a post about not quitting.

    And sometimes, there is a calling that requires you to quit what you’ve been doing or planning on doing. See Luke 9:57-62 for that, although 62 does reinforce your message in the case of doing what you have been called to do :-)

  2. I have felt like quitting often lately as the ruts seem to be deep and my tires to short. However, quitting is not an option until God releases me from the place I am now.

    I cannot quit my God because He holds my life in His hand

  3. Jonathan, I could not agree with you more! Eight years ago, after trying to walk away, I realized God had placed me in my position as President of my family-owned auto dealership group for a purpose – to do ministry through the business.

    The changes I made over the next several months brought extreme hardship to the business and drove me to depths I had never before experienced. As I often thought about giving up, I kept remembering the purpose. I kept remembering how God had called me to it and would get me through it.

    Now, as I write a blog, http://www.ChristianFaithAtWork.com, about this experience and how it continues eight years later, I have to keep recalling the purpose of teaching others. The “numbers” are not as important as the individual impacts it makes. Though I am just getting started and meeting many challenges, I believe in the purpose and what God will do with it! I know I will make it!

    Thanks for the reminder!

  4. I’ve seen in myself that it’s easy to quit when you’re part way through the calling – when the opposition arises, things get hard and you forget why you are struggling for it in the first place. It’s in those situations that we have to remember to keep pushing forward. Great post JP!

  5. I sometimes think when I find myself in those “I quit” moments it turns out to be the times when I am striving to do thing in my own strength. Nothing will sap the energy and the drive from us faster than when we are attempting to go through our day like this. I often need to step back and put the vision/calling back into His hands.

  6. Debi Debanto

    Thanks for the post. I really needed to hear that encouragement today. It was one of those days that make me question being in ministry. Whether it is worth the toll. But then I remember,thanks to folks like you, that God called me to serve where I am. And it’s because he has work for me to do even though it is not always easy.

  7. Go the distance and know that God is walking with you every step of the way. “We can do ALL things through Christ who is our strength.” Good post! have a great day!


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