3 Statements for Millennial Leaders

1. Lead boldly, not pridefully.
For those millennials that are called to lead, it can be a heavy burden. It can get to be a long and often unrewarding task. However, if found faithful, the rewards can be incredible. Don’t shy away. Don’t back down. When God says go, you go. When you have a white hot vision, run after it. But be humble. Know that your calling comes from God and your success depends on others. Be bold. Be tough. Be humble.

2. Guard your integrity, be honest.
Integrity can’t be gained once it’s lost. We must guard it with all we have. We have to have boundaries and safe-guards in place. When it seems like you’re being too careful, you’re probably getting close to being careful enough with your integrity. Be honest with yourself and with other trusted friends. If you feel yourself slipping to a place that jeopardizes your integrity, RUN!

3. Trust yourself, others too.
The calling you have is real. You’re a leader… no matter how old you are. Trust yourself. When you make a decision, believe it’s the best one. When you agonize over something, believe you’ve heard and decided correctly. When you stood up for someone around you and took a fall, trust that you did right. Trust yourself and other people. Without trusting those around you, you’ll never know the feeling of helping them succeed.

Being a leader, no matter the age, is no easy task. Being a young/millennial leader can be difficult because of life experience and doubt. Do what you’re called.

Any other advice for ALL leaders?


  1. Glad you included that last question Jonathan. Those three suggestions apply to all leaders, even to oldies like me. :) What a difference your generation can and will make with those three statements as the guiding force.

  2. Russell

    We are creating a generation of leaders that people will never meet face to face. This is a very big concern for many that would be categorized as older leaders. This really means that integrity means more than it ever has because we can seemingly get away with not being 100% truthful.

    You hit the nail on the head that it is hard or impossible to come back when you have fallen. In our day of high social media we must be careful at how quickly we judge someone. Many times we judge or misinterpret someone’s well meaning decisions as wrong; even before we take the time to look deeper into an event or circumstance.

    Youth is to be spontaneous… Smart is learning from your mistakes… Wisdom comes from learning from other peoples mistakes and not making the same.

  3. The only other thing I would add is to find & surround yourself with other leaders from whom you can learn. They will help you guard your integrity, refine your vision & strategy, & encourage your passion while keeping you humble.

    Unfortunately, many young leaders feel cut off from those a little further down the road. Be bold, reach out to leaders who can mentor you.


  4. The integrity point is so important! It’s why God will take leaders through trials and betrayal and hardships, so that they develop their character, learn to stand up for what is right even when it’s not popular and will weed out the insecurities and rough edges in our lives.

    Great post JP!

    1. Integrity is vital to any leader, anywhere, at any time, under any and all circumstances.

      We do often do go through hardships and trials just as Abraham was asked to sacrifice Isaac, to prove to ourselves and those around us that our faith is real and the God who our faith is in is real.

      God bless those who will face the challenges of tomorrow with the current leaders of today

  5. tabi

    I need to keep saying these three statements to myself.

    Deep and insightful.

    One more piece of advice, lead by example, dont just delegate.

  6. “You are not the smartest person you know.”

    It’s important to recognize our potential, but also our limitations and leverage the strengths of others. Especially where those strengths fill a gap in our weaknesses.

  7. I like this post. Good job! I think humility is probably the most Important thing on this list and it is a constant struggle.

    I am an identical twin and I have two younger twin brothers. Growing up we competed over everything. We competed in sports, grades and even who could get the attention from certain girls. In college I got involved in an awesome campus ministry and got stoked on sharing Jesus and making disciples. Before long it was easy for me to translate my competitiveness from the sports world into the ministry world. We just had a new way of keeping score. I wrote more about this here http://www.heartofcampusministry.com/?p=3362

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