esurance tagline Dont Box Me In

This has to be one of the greatest company slogans ever.

The point of it?

You can get insurance online or you can call them and get sqared away by talking to a real person.

Esurance gets it.

They know that not everyone does things the same way,
not everyone wants the same thing,
not everyone fits inside a single system.

I think we forget that.

In church,
in life,
in parenting,
in working,
in eating,
in driving,
in leadership,
in school.

Not everyone likes or needs the same thing.

We often fall into the idea that everyone is like us,
that everyone works like we do.

It’s not true.

Different people are wired different ways,
they have different passions,
different gifts,
different likes.

We can’t put them inside our self assumed circle.


that’s OK.

We have to let them fly the way their wings take them.
We have to give them that freedom.


When we allow people to operate from their uniqueness, we’re empowering them to reshape the world.