Driving By the Gym: Using What We Got

A few months before my wedding day, I looked in the mirror and decided that I needed to lose a little weight. The next day, I went all out and bought new workout shorts, new running shoes, and new workout shirt.

I went and joined the local gym and determined I would start the next Monday…

I never did.

I had the clothes.
I had the gym membership.
I had a way to get to the gym.
I even rode by the gym a few times.

But I never went in.

So, I never got into shape,
never lost a pound.

I think a lot of Christians just drive by the gym.

We know how we need to grow in our faith.
We’ve been given the tools to do it.
We know how to use those tools.

But we never tap into them…

we just drive by the gym.

I wonder what would happen if we all started to get in the gym and use the tools that we have?

If we began to practice the disciplines that we say we believe in.
Started to live out the faith we have.
Began to use our relationships and time for the things that matter.

In what part of life do you find yourself just driving by the gym?


  1. I actually joined a gym last tuesday and have made an excuse every day…till this morning! Actually read this while running on the tread mill. Very ironic!

    Great post !

  2. Good stuff. I make excuses all the time for both fitness and spiritual health. We are generally pretty lazy people. Maybe we should come up with some kind of Holiness pill. I mean people buy weight loss pills all the time that don’t really work. We could make a fortune. Christian’s will buy anything, especially if it’s something that can make them holier without any work.

  3. Haha. This struck home for me because I’m a regular at the gym and I see people faking it all the time. There is this guy who comes in, works out for like 5 minutes and the rest of the time he’s in the sauna or smoking outside. No joke.

    You definitely got me with the spirituality. I need to practice better habits with my bible and spending time with God.

  4. Last week Pastor said, “Stop dating the church. Be faithful and totally surrender.” Your post reminded me of that. We play too many games and find too many excuses, which will choke in our throats when we stand before Jesus to give an answer for what we did with our lives.


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