In Your Bed

I’ve talked about my love for sleeping in before.

For staying in the bed long after I’ve woken up.

I’ve never been a morning person…
I’ve always wanted to be.

I just haven’t figured out how to be perky that early.


Are you a morning person or not? Do you like to stay in your bed?

Got any tips for me becoming a morning person?


  1. I am definitely a morning person. I like getting up early and getting my day started. I hurt when I lay in bed. As for advice: I have lived with a non-morning person for over 38 years and have failed to get her motivated. I don’t think I can offer any advice that would be helpful. :)

  2. james

    I am definitely not a morning person. I like the concept, though. Getting up early, reading and having some coffee while sitting on the screened in porch, listening to the quiet. It sounds great and I’ve done it. I just can’t continue the process. Bed, bed, I hear you calling…
    Yeah, no advice here.

  3. Does that mean you are a night person? If I get up much past 6:15 I feel like my day is gone! (And like Bill, I just start to hurt if I stay in bed too long.) But I also like to be up late at night. Maybe we just need less sleep when we get older? (Not old!) Could just be the way God wired you, Jonathan…not sure I can give ya much advice about it.

  4. I love the mornings. When my wife and I went on a Pastor’s retreat a few years ago, the best part was being up earlier than everyone (partly because I wake up early anyway, and partly because of the 1-hour time difference), and having a perfectly quiet house to read, pray, journal.

  5. Who says you have to be perky to be a morning person? I enjoy the mornings because it’s quiet. :) When I awaken, I tip-toe through the hallway, start the coffee, and open my Bible. On the rare days I’m not up alone, I find I really miss my quiet time.

    How do you start your day? Perhaps if you begin your morning in a new way, you’ll find yourself looking forward to arising early. Good luck!

    Happy Wednesday! :)

  6. Shantelle Harsey

    I’ve tried them all and I’m still SO NOT a morning person. I think it’s just the way we are born and there’s no changing it ~ lol

  7. Dave Anderson

    Embrace who you are. There is no right and wrong. Morning people are not more spiritual or better. We have same number if hours in a day to eat sleep and do work. Do what honors God. My best hours are after 10am. I don’t wake up full of energy. I dont want to talk to people or make important decisions or get bombarded with information early. I am a late person and God likes me anyway.

  8. Morning person all the way!! No tips but for me the huge motivation has always been no one else seems to want to interrupt my prayer time at 4am. Any other time people tend to interrupt.

    So 4am, coffee, YouVersion on iPhone, and Evernote on iPad equals a great time.

  9. I am definitely not a morning person. I would rather stay up until 3 a.m. than ever have to get up early, BUT I’m trying to change that by getting up early to work out. With the funeral and all this past week, I didn’t stick to it like I had hoped, but next week I’m going to get on that schedule again.

  10. I’m not a morning person either. However, I have been trying to be. Currently, I am getting up at 5:30 am. I have my Keurig ready to go for my coffee. I have an awesome chair next to a light. I open up the curtains so I can watch the sun come up. I read my Bible and a chapter or two of another book. Then I journal a few thoughts. It doesn’t help me to wake up, in fact I almost fall back asleep in the chair, but it does help motivate me to have the best start to my day possible. Plus, with three kids running around, 5:30 am is the only quiet time around the house. Hopefully that helps.

  11. I’m a morning person and I just am. I don’t know how to be anything different. I don’t lounge in bed too long because then I just get sore lying there. I do like to nap and usually do that on the couch. Rarely do I ever make it back to the bed for anything except sleeping at night.

  12. I have learned to train, use and trust my internal sleep clock with no alarm. I tried all the rave of a 5am wake time to read my Bible and pray but then relied on caffeine and was less productive from noon on. Even with a 6 mile run thrown in. Now I have time to eat dinner, spend quality time with my wife and kids and freelance design until 11. Then I wake without an alarm and POP out of bed at 7:00 like clockwork. Also I feel amazing all day and cut the caffeine.

  13. Not that you could tell by my sleeping patterns, but I love sleep too. However, I only average about 5 hours a night. Which honestly is an improvement because during my 2 year MBA the average was 4 hours.

    I’m more of a morning person by necessity, but I rarely wake up grumpy or lie in bed after waking up.

    I think the trick is creating a habit. Make yourself get up OUT of bed at the same time for 3 weeks in a row and jump into some activity. Writing. Clean the kitchen. Workout. Something physical that doesn’t require too much thought (I find my best writing occurs when my mind is relaxed after waking up) so the juices get flowing.

  14. Ron Adey

    I am a morning person, I love getting up in the morning. I get more done in the morning than any other time of the day.

    My advice to you would be to drink lots of water before you go to bed. That will motivate you to get up.

    Or, start having kids, they are great motivators.

  15. Tony S.

    Like most things in life, it’s a matter of discipline. If you were in the Marines, you would definitely be a morning person. At one time, I was not a morning person, but now I am. Being in your 50’s helps!

    Jesus was an early morning, stay up all night, nap in the boat in the middle of the day kind of person, but He was in complete control of His schedule or, I should say, the Father was.

    I believe the Lord has placed this desire in your heart, so why don’t you ask His help, admit your inability to do it on your own and determine to put your family, yourself and Twitter to bed at a decent hour and see what God can and will do for you after you determine to follow through on His plan for your life.

  16. amy

    I get up early BECAUSE I am NOT a morning person and I am basically selfish! Ha!
    Seriously, I am up by 4:45 so I can sip coffee in a QUIET house while I pray, journal, and read my bible.
    What motivates me to get up early is just KNOWING that since I am not a morning person, I NEED that time alone with God..for Him to check my heart before the day begins and I get all caught up in the day’s demands. I have learned that I am a much better wife and mother and friend if I give God the first, uninterrupted part of my day to allow Him to fill my cup before I pour into others.
    Good luck!!

  17. I’m not a morning person. So I focus on doing all of my writing and other goals in the afternoon or evening.

    I don’t think it is beneficial to try to become a morning person or night person. The key is to focus on your high priority’s on the times when you are the best at during the day. No matter what I do I can never be as good in the morning time as I am at night. Just my thoughts.

    Great post.

  18. Wanda Singleton

    I would rather stay up until 3 a.m. I do like to nap and usually do that on the couch. Something physical that doesn’t require too much thought (I find my best writing occurs when my mind is relaxed after waking up) so the juices get flowing.


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