MILLENNIAL SUCCESS 3 Tips for Leading Millennials

Millennial (Gen Y): referring to those born between the mid 1970’s and 2,000.

Let them partner.

Millennials want to partner with you. We don’t want to contribute money to a fund, we want to partner with you and each other in doing the job OURSELVES. It’s not just about getting something done with us, it’s about partnering in the process with others. It’s about getting our hands dirty for something. If we’re forced to sit on the sidelines and observe too long, we’ll lose interest. Let us do something. Trust us enough to partner with us!

Let them plan.

Our own schedule that is. While I realize it’s not always possible, when possible we like to work at our own pace, on our own schedule. We have so much going on (even though we’re young), we want to plan when to do what. We’ll get it done in the time limit, but don’t force us to follow time specifics unless you absolutely must.

Let them participate.

Ultimately, millennials want to participate in a cause. A cause that is well beyond any lofty goal we could set for ourselves or seek to accomplish on our own. That’s why we like to partner with other people in hands on projects to impact people. Let us see what could happen if we completed what you’re asking us to do. That will greatly effect our pace, excellence, and joy while doing it. We don’t just want to be busy to be busy, that’s not success… success is accomplishing something that impacts the world!

How can you be set up for success?