Intentional Faith: Why My Bird Died

When I was about 7 years old, I talked my mom into buying me a pet parakeet.

We went to the pet store, bought the bird, a cage, all the extras that I just had to have and got my new friend set up in my room.

I started out doing pretty well.
I’d feed the bird.
I’d make sure he had water.
I’d even let him fly around my room sometime.

A couple of months later, I quit hearing the bird squeak and move around his cage.

The reason?

He was DEAD.

The sucker died in his cage.
Upon further review, my Mom looked in the cage and saw that both the food and water containers in the cage were empty.

The problem?

I wasn’t intentional about helping my bird stay alive.
About helping him grow. 

Many of us have the same problem with our faith.

We accepted Jesus.
We believed what we knew.
We were baptized.
We go to church.

But we’re not intentional about our faith…. it’s just in a cage in the corner.

We have to get intentional about growing our faith.
We have to set the time aside.
We have to be willing to guard it.
We have to know how to obey it.

Don’t let your faith stay in the corner and die, be intentional about growing it…

little by little…

day by day…

trial by trial…

victory by victory…

blessing by blessing.

What kind of intentional things do you do to grow your faith?


  1. Very well put JP. I could answer with all the “Christian” things I do, or need to do, like read my Bible, etc. I think one is I try to do a lot of reading of different types of things.

  2. Very good bro. We have to be intentional about seeking Him. Obviously, bible, prayer, corporate worship, are in there. But the one that I would add is writing, especially poetry.

    It seems He always shows Himself when I sit down to do that.

  3. Awesome post. Hit the nail right on the head. I have been struggling with this for the past few months and have made some shifts in my alone time and reading materials. A change of pace always seems to help me.

  4. Awesome post, JP! For me, one of the things I have really tried to be intentional about is listening. I’ve spent years doing the “normal” things like reading the Bible, praying, etc…but I have found what grows my faith fastest is when I hear God speaking into my life.

  5. amy

    Another great post! Really liked this.

    I certainly don’t have it all figured out, but I try to be intentional about growing my faith by:

    1. spending time daily in God’s Word–a necessity!
    2. praying/talking to God throughout the day…even about little, seemingly insignificant things…just as you would talk to a friend.
    3. A biggie: being very careful about what I “feed” my heart and mind. I make a conscious effort NOT to watch much TV because there’s just not much that is beneficial. I don’t really want to be entertained by shows that laugh at and glorify things like sexual immorality, wives disrespecting their husbands, kids disrespecting their parents, and parents treating their kids like they are nuisances.
    I just tune out as much noise and distraction as possible. When I get in my car, I don’t automatically turn on the radio anymore. I seek God’s voice in quiet commutes. (some of my best prayer times!)
    I’m a stay at home mom, so when I’m doing chores around my house, I almost always have a podcast playing. I can’t tell you how much God has taught me through the ministries of Charles Stanley, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Chuck Swindoll, and Tim Keller–some of my favorites!

    4. I journal. My faith has grown by leaps and bounds just by keeping a record of the different things God lays on my heart and then being able to look back over it and trace a “theme” where He is clearly trying to teach me/show me something specific.

    5. I ask God to help me be sensitive to His Spirit and then I take it seriously when I sense what I believe are His “promptings” by acting in obedience. (this has been the biggest faith-builder).

    Great question!

  6. Bird killer!

    My pet finch died because I neglected to close my bedroom door, which allowed my cat to eat him. Not exactly the same scenario, but good object lesson.


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