Rules of Leadership

John Wooden had 3 rules,

be on time
don’t use profanity
don’t criticize a teammate.

Those were his rules for basketball, but they’d also be great words for leading anything.

Leaders take the initiative to be on time… it shows their vision.

Leaders take the initiative to not use profanity… it shows their self-control.

Leaders are careful to not criticize their team… it shows loyalty.

(link to John Wooden TED talk)

What are some more ‘rules of leadership?’


  1. I would add: Helping others to succeed.

    As a team leader, it’s my job to make sure the rest of the team has the resources, motivation and encouragement to accomplaish what they are passionate about, even if it ends up leading them out of my ministry.

  2. I asked my older 2 kids (separately) the other day, “What makes someone a leader?” I was very happy with their answer, which was almost exactly the same wording, “Helping others.”

    Leadership is about making others better, or making others’ lives better.


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