Consistency is Key

One of man’s greatest tools is consistency.

That sounds like a bold statement,
until you think about it.

Consistency means,

the quality or fact of staying the same at different times.

That means that,
the things we do,
we do them over and over again with the same amount of quality and integrity.

Whether you’re…

  • A parent.
  • A leader.
  • A spouse.
  • A teacher.
  • A teen.
  • A student.

Do what you do consistently… the good stuff at least.

Whether it seems like you’re making any ground or not, be consistent with it.

I can’t help but believe that it’s really the consistent people in history that had the greatest impact,
that left the greatest legacy.

We see consistency in Moses… He lead with humility.
We see consistency in Jesus… He listened to the Father.
We see consistency in Paul… He had a pattern for church planting.

The people who do extraordinary things are often remembered for their acts,
the people who do the RIGHT things consistently are the ones that reshape the world.


  1. I just think about how when water continues to move, whether in a river, creek, what-have-you, it has the ability to reshape rocks. The consistency of moving over those stones will eventually wear the stones down. There is definitely something to be said for consistency.

  2. In Student Ministry, consistency is very important. Students don’t have many relationships that are consistent, not even their own parents. As adult leaders, we need to be consistent so students can count on at least one relationship.

  3. I am learning this as a parent right now. Kids are so much smarter than we give them credit. And they are looking for someone who is anchored. In their wave of constant emotion they desperately need us to be steady. Consistent. That our response to them isn’t based on their mood or behavior but that we consistently love them no matter what.


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