Reshape the World

I don’t know about you, but I’m good at waiting for someone else to do something.

Sitting back, seeing a situation, and thinking, “Gosh! Someone should do something about that.”

I think we all have a little of that in us..
To sit and observe rather than observing and doing.

The problem with that is, of course…
If we’re all waiting on someone else to do something,
then none of us ever will.

  • We’ll see someone hurting and never help.
  • We’ll see someone hungry and never give.
  • We’ll see war and never share peace.
  • We’ll see sin and never share Jesus.
  • We’ll see messy and never clean it up.

We have to start
dreaming, and

There’s so much that has to be done…
so lttle time to do it.

So, my challenge to you?
To me?

Stop waiting for someone else to do what you’ve seen the need to be done.

Join in.

Reshape the world around you.

It may take more than one person to change the world, but it’ll take at least one.
Let’s be one!


  1. I agree to what is written in this post! A lot of people are afraid of acting because they deem it as “meddling” when in fact we are called to do something. We must act to improve the world that we all live in and better the lives of the people around us.

  2. Man, does this one resonate! It’s so easy to forget that God is a creator which means that we, being in His image, are also design to create…not to just watch. We can see what could be and are empowered to make it happen. I hope I never quit dreaming and doing.

  3. A quote that’s been on my heart for a a couple weeks and seems to be appropriate to share again here… “Leave your unique trail of beauty no matter how small it is.” One little action by each of us can make a world difference!

  4. I heard it said before that the calling of God on our lives may be as simple enough as recognizing a need that other people don’t see. I try to challenge my students that if they see a need, if they recognize something that should be done, maybe it’s because God is calling them to do it. I try to live that out in my own life as well.


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