Yes! Name It & Claim It

Just a quick post to remind us all….

If God said it, it will be.

If it’s written in scripture,
If God promises it to you,
it will be.

Claim what He has promised to give you….

Believe it, even if you don’t see it.

God’s promised you can do all things He’s called you to,
claim it.

God’s promised that nothing can separate you from His love,
believe it.

God’s told you that He will provide for you,
hold on to it.

If God names it,
claim it.

Believe it.

What promise do you need to reclaim today? 


  1. Great to be reminded, Jonathan. Your post makes me think of God’s often-repeated words in Joshua: as God’s people are about to make their way into the Promised Land, God tells them again and again to go and CLAIM the land He has GIVEN them.

    We’re given incredible promises all throughout Scripture, but our action is required, we have to step up and claim them.

    Thanks for writing!

  2. Isaiah 65:24 springs to mind.

    The ‘name it and claim it’ stuff is ridiculous as it has been manifested in ‘rockstar christianity’. I know you and I could name several folks who preach this sole message and make quite a bit of money doing it. (Hallelujah! God doesn’t want me to be poor, amen! I’m gonna use this new car to show The Kingdom to the lost!)

    As a son, it IS simply a matter of believing my Father, as you alluded to above. I mean, He says it, so it IS True.

    Why do we, myself included at times, make it more complicated than that?

  3. Love the clarification of a phrase that’s gone awry over the years. Commonly known as “Name it, Claim it”, you’ve rightly said, “If GOD names it, Claim it.”

    Final analysis: It’s all about God, not us.


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