1. I suppose I ought to say something spiritual but for one day i would say: I would like to see today’s or tomorrow’s stage of the Tour de France up close and personal. To be spiritual i would say talk to some of the riders about jesus. LOL

  2. KISS

    Someone with tender lips
    Someone I can trust
    Someone who regards it as a
    Very lost SPIRITUAL intimate art
    In more than one place
    A public act of hope

    I didn’t mean to wax poetic
    but I would KISS
    Embarrassment scorned!

  3. Melissa Pearson

    I would say cruise.. but that’s typically longer than a day.. so I guess you captured my dream day best with the picture you posted. :)

  4. Mom

    Very simple answer. Take my family to the beach, sit by the ocean as long as I want to and eat at Tony Roma’s! Would you like to join me?

  5. I would take my Bride only to Greece, our original want for our Honeymoon. All three kids – including our infant would stay at home with a worthy babysitter.

    That would rock!

  6. That’s really me in the pic you posted…enjoying my dream day… in the shade mostly, but my legs enjoying the warmth of the sun… listening to the sound of the birds and the ocean…to God’s creation. Just time to listen for His voice.

  7. Morning … with the kids playing at the park and eating ice cream.
    Evening … with just my wife enjoying a nice steak dinner, and a walk around town in beautiful weather.


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