Spiritual Defeat: The Enemy’s Desperation Sting

A few days ago, my dog was on the back porch sitting and minding his own business. After a few minutes, a bee started flying around his head and buzzin around his ears. He followed the bee with his eyes for a little while until he eventually got tired of having it flying around. He finally snapped at the bee as if he had his eye on a snack.

The bee panicked and stung my dog on the side of the head.

What really happened?

My dog had enough of the bee messin with him and started to do something about it… the bee stung my dog’s mug in a last ditch effort to survive.

It happens to us all the time……

God makes a promise, the Enemy starts messin with our faith.

God calls out something in our life, we start to get it out and Satan gets ticked.

The Enemy flies around for a little while messin with us.

Eventually, we have enough and try to squash the enemy out of our situation.

In a last ditch effort, he tries to sting us in the face.

Eventually, the enemy sees that our faith and trust is in the promise of God and we’re gonna back it up with our actions and makes one last effort to try and stop us from claiming the promise of God.

Sometimes, that means he tempts us to go back to a sin we’re trying to overcome.
Sometimes, that means he tempts us where he knows we’re weak.
Sometimes, that means he brings doubt to our mind.
Sometimes, that means he attacks relationships that mean a lot to us.

Whatever it may be, we have to survive the sting and trust the Creator.

Don’t let the Enemy’s final sting distract you from God’s ultimate promise.

Keep battling.
Don’t let the desperation sting knock you out!



    1. That’s true. I think it’s also often when we feel the most empowered that Satan attacks our weakest area. We have momentum dealing with a certain thing and he attacks us the hardest.

  1. Gloria Garcia

    I’ve been reading your posts today and WoW what messages. Really enjoy reading them. The bee stings hurt, but with time the wound heals and forgotten. You still remember the pain, you just don’t feel it anymore. Blessings to you and the ministry.

  2. I already told you how important this was for me to read. God used it at JUST the right moment.
    What I didn’t realize until now is that this post is originally from JULY??? Am I right?
    And you just decided to share it again? If that’s the case, I am overflowing with awe and gratitude.


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