1. 1. Sounds strange but going for a long leisurely bike ride that has no time limit. (providing the weather is good). Other than that it is eating my wife’s grilled food. this time it was buffalo burgers (for me). :)

    2. Cycle. I know, I have a one track mind.

    3. Office (I am a pastor).

    4. Don’t really have one but I have come to like Subway’s flatbread breakfast sandwiches made with egg whites and lots of veggies.

  2. james

    1. Grilling food and watching fireworks.
    2. Read, play ps3, watch movies.
    3. Bed
    4. Easier to say what is my least favorite: Oatmeal and cereal. All other breakfast food is delicious. I could eat it all the time. Bacon and sausage. Biscuits and gravy. Fried potatoes. Time to eat!

  3. 1. Beach
    2. Run
    3. Sitting on my couch while my son paces in front of me…must get off computer and play with him NOW!
    4. Cold pizza and hot coffee

  4. Psychomomi

    1 – family
    2 – playing games with the family or reading
    3 – work (shhhhhh….)
    4 – coffee. lots and lots of coffee. And pancakes with peanut butter. :)

  5. 1. Fireworks…nothing says “party” like blowing lots of stuff up.

    2. Hanging out with family or friends. Or eating with family or friends. Or better yet, hanging out with family or friends while eating.

    3. Home office.

    4. Scrambled eggs. Hands down.

  6. 1. Fireworks for sure. I like going ooooo…aaaaaahhhhhhh. lol

    2. I love to read or go for a bike ride on my days off.

    3. work. blah.

    4. I make a mean version of the Egg McMuffin – healthier AND tastier.

  7. 1. What’s your favorite July 4th activity? I love watching fireworks, but the hassle of getting somewhere, parking, dealing with the idiots who bring their own fireworks, and getting home safely is too much. We tend to watch the city’s fireworks from the middle of our road, unfortunately they were cancelled because of rain.

    2. When you have a day off or down time, what’s the thing you always want to do? I want to take my time getting showered/dressed and read.

    3. Where are you right now? Work. Shhh…

    4. What’s your favorite breakfast food? I love a good pancake with real maple syrup.


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