Balks of Life

Anyone that knows me knows how much I like baseball.

I enjoyed playing baseball growing up and I like baseball now that I’ve grown up.

There’s something in baseball called a ‘balk.’

A balk is when the pitcher deceives a baserunner by making them think they’re gonna throw a pitch. It’s one of those rules that’s often left up to an umpires interpretation of deception. It’s also a rule with a laundry list of what the pitcher can do and what the pitcher can’t do.

Sometimes, life can feel like it balks us.

  • We expect one result, but we get another.
  • Someone we know seemed to be trustworthy, but they behaved differently.
  • A situation seemed to be perfect, but turned out difficult.
  • A project seemed sure to do well, but goes terribly wrong.
  • Something seemed worthwhile, but ended up being a waste of time.

During the ‘balks’ of life, it can be tempting to completely do a 180 and try something else entirely.

But, what if the result we got happened because of something that was slightly off?
What if the situation was just what we needed, but the bump in the road was our opportunity to improve?

Don’t abandon just because it seems to be the only option.

Sometimes, failure is just an opportunity to begin… more intelligently.

Don’t let the balks of life rattle your faith in God’s call.


  1. Great points! But I need to know…were you attempting to show us a balk by spelling intelligently…intelegently. :) If not, I would go with it…it makes a great point!

      1. Heck! You should have just gone with it:) This Scrabble addict couldn’t help but notice it. I usually don’t point those things out because I am guilty of errors way too often. But, considering your topic…I found it very ironic. :)
        Again, great post. I always learn something reading your posts.

  2. The church community I pastor is currently going through the #2 example of your list Jonathan. But it has helped galvanize and motivate instead of destroy. The balk was a good one. (Oh btw: next to cycling, baseball is the only other sport I care about). :)

  3. Debbie Mast

    Awesome post- filled with much truth and lots of good stuff to ponder. However, jus wondering… who said you’re now grown up???? Always lovin’ ya!!!

  4. “Sometimes, failure is just an opportunity to begin… more intelligently.”

    It may not be easy to admit, but sometimes the best teacher is failure. Great post bud!


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