How to Get & Keep People

The basic need of…

  • you
  • me
  • parents
  • kids
  • teens
  • single moms
  • addicts
  • homosexuals
  • seekers
  • saved
  • lost
  • athiest
  • agnostic
  • mormon
  • Christian

is the need to be wanted.
the need to be valued.

How are we doing with meeting that need?
How is your church doing with meeting that need?
How is your company doing with meeting that need?
How are you doing with meeting that need?


  1. Mama NH

    Your blog (I’m stalking it after googling “christian hurt by Christian”) is spot on what I needed tonight! Thank u :) where’s your bio? Are u a pastor?

  2. I tell out students all the time, their peers will only come back to church if they are noticed, invested in and cared for. Unfortunately, most churches think getting people in the door is enough. Getting them to stick is a completely different story.

  3. follow the example of Christ, meet an immediate felt need and invest in that person. the Church is the hands and feet of Christ on earth we need to be dirty with service and love. my local community is involved in many things but the best thing we do is genuinely invest in individuals and love/serve them where they are.


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