God’s Own Cookin

Melissa used to drive a long way to and from work and I would often find myself with the duty of making dinner.

Usually that consisted of taking something out of the freezer and warming it up in the microwave or baking it in the oven.
Occasionally, though, I’d get brave and try to actually make something.

When I make something from scratch, I know what’s in it.

Since I created it, I know what it consists of, I know it better than anyone else. That usually means I’m more critical of it… I critique it more than when someone else makes it. I notice when it has too much salt, too little of this or too much of that.

The crazy thing about our Creator?

  • He knows us inside and out.
  • He knows our thoughts.
  • He knows our heart.
  • He knows what we do right.
  • He knows what we do wrong.

But He loves us anyway.

No one knows a creation more than the Creator.

He’s not looking to critique us, He’s looking to forgive us.

God knows you.
He loves you anyway.


  1. What I also like about our Creator is that He sees all our “ingredients” and finds a way to make something beautiful out of them. We see an empty pantry…He sees potential!!


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