Social Media Tips: 4 Keys for Your Chain

Be Authentic

There’s only one you. You’re good at being you… you’re not good at being someone else. I’ve learned that lesson several times lately. It’s important that we get that in social media. Even through your tweets or blog posts, people can tell if you’re being authentic. If they find that you aren’t they’ll turn you off really quick. Be yourself. Let people like the real you – not a fake version of something or someone else!

Be Consistent

If you aren’t going to Facebook, tweet, or blog consistently, don’t do it at all. When you create an account and use it at random once a month, all you’re doing is hogging a username someone else may really want. Be consistent if you expect to get traction or respect on the inter-webs. Let people know that you care enough about connecting to update¬†regularly. You believe in what you’re doing to do it consistently (that’s a great lesson in general too).

Be Considerate

Tweet others as you’d like to be tweeted. If you can’t blog something nice, don’t blog at all. All of these things we’ve learned in the past, but many people abandon them once they sign up for an account or get a URL. Be considerate. Don’t just look to argue and call others out. It’s easy to call others out when we’re not doing anything significant ourselves. Do something significant… be considerate. Aferall, Facebook doesn’t have an ‘I hate you’ button, just a ‘like’ button. :)

Be Concise

Get to the point. We all have a lot going on. We love information, but we want it to be concise. Get to the point. Sure, we all like a good story, but don’t repeat yourself. Remember, if you want to be retweeted, leave enough space for a ‘RT @yourname’. Social media can greatly help us to be concise and clear in our everyday lives. It’s a must in social networking.

OK, your turn… add to our keychain….


  1. Be safe.
    Be accountable.

    Current news events shows us how easy it is to carry on inappropriate relationships via social networking.

  2. Lance

    Knowing that we all have so much in common is a great way to help in being yourself. Continuously finding that common ground. Whats one way in which you find in being able to be more consistent? Sometimes it get hard bro. lol

  3. Authentic is a big one for me. It seems there are a lot of “experts” out there who want to tell you how to blog, how to comment, what you should and shouldn’t do, post styles you can do, word limits, etc.

    Some I have adapted. Most I ignore. I am me. My writing style is my writing style. For a while I tried to take some of that advice (especially the word limit), but I found that I could not write that way. And my readers didn’t like it either.

    It’s just best to be yourself, pick up the advice that enhances what you are doing, but not completely change who you are or what you are doing on your blog so as to lose your authentic self.

  4. Jon

    I think you nailed them all. Being authentic is number one in my book. If I could add one…it would be to be patient. Sometimes people think that a great blog happens overnight–it doesn’t. It takes time, and people will start to notice when all of other said things are being done!


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