When We Say Nothing

“Saying nothing… sometimes says the most.” – Emily Dickinson

Our words carry a lot of weight.

Our words have the ability to tear down or build up,
curse people or encourage people,
speak life or speak doom,
praise God or dishonor God.

Our silence carries a lot of weight.

Our silence, because it can be easily misunderstood, can do damage and can build up.

As a leader, often what I don’t say is as important as what I do say.
As a person, often what I don’t say is as important.

When I hold my tounge instead of speaking something I’m not sure is true.
When I don’t lash out at someone for making a mistake.
When I withhold sneer for a smile.
When I hug someone that’s hurting.

One of the lessons I’ve learned in my life is that people are going to criticize and analyze me.

It’s essential that I portray what I wish to convey.



  1. Darrell Childress

    We “speak” with so much more than just our words. Sometimes our lack of words, our facial expressions, and certainly our actions convey a lot about what we’re thinking and our attitude. I want to build, not tear down!


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