1. 1. Evidently not.

    2. Lots of candy.

    3. I love burritos. I almost went crazy living in Singapore where there are hardly mexican restaurants.

    4. Listening to the Lecrae right now. I’ve also been listening to Hillsong United and Sovereign Grace a lot. The new Sovereign Grace album Risen is awesome.

  2. Billy Lugar

    1. Darn it I missed the rapture [lol]
    2. Chocolate Pretzels
    3. Pizza
    4. Now I’m listening to Chris Tomlin

  3. 1. Were you raptured? Not yet! :)

    2. If you had to just take one snack on a road trip, it’d be? Some sort of chips like Doritos, tortilla chips, crunchy Cheetos

    3. What’s your favorite food? pizza and ice cream

    4. Who/What are you listening to these days? Air1.com and all the tunes on it

  4. 1. Yes – and let me tell you, the wifi reception in Heaven is, well, heavenly! lol

    2. Fruit snacks and granola bars.

    3. Anything Italian. Except seafood. I don’t like seafood.

    4. Pretty much anything I like. That’s not vague at all :)

  5. Valerie Benavides

    1. Not yet
    2. Goldfish! ( I’m kinda obsessed)
    3. Umm idk, can I say goldfish twice? Haha
    4. Anthem Lights new abulm,there pretty good check them out!=)

  6. evie

    1. Nope, and I’m quite thankful as my dream/prayer is for
    a lot of people I love to join me and they aren’t yet
    2. Piratesbooty

    3. Any mexican flavored salad

    4. The latest Fleet Foxes

  7. evie

    * Whoops, in #1 that was “They haven’t yet realized how much their Father loves him and how much they one day will.

  8. 1. Not yet. Thought we were heathens and missed it, but figured we’re safe when Pastor was in church on Sunday. :)

    2. Homemade trail mix

    3. My omelets!

    4. The 70s and 80s playlists on my iPod, Kris Allen, Hans Zimmer

  9. 1. if i was, i’m glad to know JonathanPearson.net is still accessible ;)
    2. peanut butter crackers.
    3. anything combining peanut butter and chocolate.
    4. Building 429’s “Listen to the Sound” album is rockin’ my socks!!

  10. Russ Bagne

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