Division is Easier: 1 Step to Change the World

I read a lot of the same blogs, web sites, and articles that you do.

We engage in the same kind of conversations centered around Christianity, the church, and methodology.

What breaks my heart about reading these things and engaging in these conversations is what often happens after they’re published or said.

Instead of reading and leaving with a new thought or having a conversation and focusing on how we can agree with the other person, many people try to find what they don’t like about what was written or said… What they disagreed with on the subject.

I understand that we come from different backgrounds and bring different ideas and life experiences into everything we do. What I don’t understand is why the very topics (Christ and the Church) that should bring unity to the people included brings disunity instead.

What would happen if we came together and focused on what we do have in common…. Focused on the essentials that we agree on rather than the debatables that we may never know for certain? What would happen if we knew our enemy and realized it wasn’t each other, but evil and the one that brings it?

I think we’d be busy fighting a spiritual battle with the Enemy and have less time to fight amongst ourselves.

I think it’d change the world.

That’s what’s on my mind today.

What do you think?


  1. We would actually be doing what God called us to do – not stirring up dissension and strife, but actually working together as He calls us to, and accomplishing amazing things for the Kingdom.

  2. Tyson B

    Spot on. I think some non-believers can pick up on the (perceived or real) disunity and be turned away. We can’t let that happen!


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