2 Most Powerful Words


It’s amazing what a simple ‘Thank you’ can do.

It has the ability to turn bad days into good days.
It has the ability to turn over-worked people into over-joyed people.
It has the ability to strenghthen the weak.
It has the ability to motivate the tired.
It has the ability to praise God.

But we’re not good at it.

We have trouble using these words with others face to face.

Sure, we’ll toss out a ‘Hey, Thanks’ every now and then,
but we seldom put any feeling behind the words.

For some reason it takes a certain level of strength to utter those words.
It requires that we humble ourselves and get to the place of realizing that we really do need others.
Maybe that’s why it’s so special when we actually do give a heart felt ‘Thank you.”

Whether you’re a…

  • Parent.
  • Child.
  • Husband.
  • Wife.
  • Leader.
  • Follower.
  • Boss.
  • Employee.
  • Teacher.
  • Brother.
  • Friend.
  • Worshipper.

Be intentional about saying, “Thank you.”

It  may change your day,
it may change someone else’s life.


  1. evie

    True. I have a tendency to over say it to the point it’s a mere repeat reaction vs having a sincere, real intent.

  2. I was on the receiving end of a Thank You this week. One of my students was going through a pretty rough time and stopped by last Thursday night to talk. I was able to help this student walk through what was going on, and was able to offer encouragement, prayer and see hope rise up again.

    Then last night that student stopped by before leaving town for the summer to give me a letter and thank me for all I’ve done for them.

    It made every struggle this past school year worth it.

  3. I try to say thanks you all the time because I know how much it means when people say it to me. Right now we are trying to instill this in our two year old. Starting young!


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