3 Things Young Leaders Need to Hear

I have a great leader in Artie Davis. In the time that I’ve known him, I’ve grown incredibly as a young leader. I’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way and realized that young leaders need to hear these 3 things…

1. “I believe in you.”

Everyone needs to know that someone else believes in them. It’s no different as a young leader. As a young leader myself, I often wonder if I’m the only one that believes that I can make a real difference in the world. I get discouraged when I feel like I’m stuck or lack the ability to lead effectively. It’s important that every young leader hears that someone believes in them. There’s something empowering about hearing that someone who has been in more battles and leads successfully believes in you. Let your young leaders know that they’re not just projects, but powerful people.

2. “Make it happen.”

I love hearing this as a young leader. I know I can’t do it without God leading me through it, but I love knowing that a project, a plan, or a process is in my hands. I like the feeling of being trusted with something enough that my leader decides to leave it in my hands. It makes me determined to be successful. Trust your young leaders.

3. “It’s OK.”

Even though I believe in God’s anointing in my life and listen to God, I still mess it up on occasion. I drop the ball or say something that I shouldn’t have. I like hearing the words, “It’s OK.” See, ultimately the mistake a young leader makes isn’t near as big as the impact they’ll one day make. Believe in them. Trust them. Let them fail.

If you’re a leader, what do you need to hear?


  1. I was told this just last night, “Just go and we will follow. Because we believe you are following him.” That meant more than I can put into words.

  2. The biggest thing I need to hear is that someone believes in me. It’s easy for me to get get overwhelmed or feel like I just don’t have what it takes to get the job done. Hearing that someone more seasoned than me believes I have what it takes does a lot to push me forward.

  3. Great article, very true! As a Youth Pastor I am very blessed to have a Pastor he says these very things to me on a regular basis (as do many of my deacons and parents). That has made all the difference!

  4. These are great ones! I think one thing that has been beneficial for me is when those who are guiding me remind me of the importance of not trying to do all or be all. Delegating is so important or you will quickly burn out.

  5. These are great. I definitely agree with you on “make it happen”. It’s almost like a challenge I have to rise too.

    Another one would be “I’ve got your back”. Knowing I have the freedom to fail and the freedom to succeed while my boss defend me is very reassuring.

  6. Jesse Medina

    Good list! As a young leader myself, I’m finding how often I just need to hear the straight up Gospel. That no matter how well I do or don’t do, there’s nothing for me to earn. That no matter whether I fail or succeed, God doesn’t change his mind about me. And that when all else fails me, Christ never will.

  7. Lynda Bass

    These are great ones! Very true Sandy. Thank you.for sharing. A few choice words can release large amounts of energy that get things done.


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