When God Pulls the Pin

Yesterday, Melissa and I got an announcement that will quite literally change our lives (no Mom, no baby). Melissa got a new job that is going to cut her driving time by about 45 minutes. It may seem like just a small inconvenience, but It’s something we’ve been praying for and waiting for.

During the last couple of years while she’s been making the drive, I’ve asked God to provide something else. We’ve begged God as we’ve prayed together and have had numerous moments of hope with a job opening that soon closed without her getting a call back.

A month or so ago, Melissa had the great opportunity of helping some people who live around where she worked. She had just the right knowledge and gifts to help them. She served them and helped them as best she could. The next week, she found out about a job at the local college. Yesterday, she was offered the job.

I’m reminded once again that God’s ways are better.

that nothing surprises the Creator.
that God holds the world in His hand.

In my limited view of things, I couldn’t understand why God kept Melissa driving an hour to work….

God knew the reason.

Thank you God that you see the whole picture and not my corner.
Thank you God that you act beyond my dreams.

How has God blown your mind lately?


  1. After a Lenten season of “no spending” we were gentle loved by the big guy above with a promotion here at work. Something that is very very needed at this time in our lives.

    By being good stewards, God has blessed us with a bit more to be good stewards with.

    Exciting times!

  2. Melissa Pearson

    The Lord blessed me beyond belief! He found undeserved favor in me and I’m so happy! So thankful for the prayers that were prayed on my behalf and pray that the Lord will use me in a crazy way with this new position! YAY!!!

  3. evie

    Love, love when God pulls the pin and blows our minds with His goodness. Congrats, Melissa!
    Lately, He been blowing my mind by how I ask him for help for family with things that have been shared that are struggles & then seeing him at work answering.

  4. Yep, love when He blows our mind. And it’s always on his timetable. My husband and I have been trying to sell a house that we’ve had as a rental(but turned out to be more of a thorn in our side for several years). We had no interest for 2 years. Someone finally made an offer a couple weeks ago. We were to close on May 25. My husband got a call last Friday and told me they didn’t want to close on May 25…they wanted to close Tuesday…that was yesterday! God is good :)

  5. Becky

    In the words of my professor –you have to tell God sometimes (to remind yourself)–“You are God, I am not. You are God, I am not”!!

  6. “no Mom, no baby” haha!
    Congrats on the new job. I’m in that waiting and praying mode right now. Something awesome is on the horizon, I just don’t know what.

  7. God blows my mind everyday..but more specifically, we are in a waiting season, waiting exptectantly for HIM to blow our mind in our housing situation. We need to be out of our home in 2 weeks…I know He will provide and we will stand in AWE once again!

  8. Congratulations on the new gig! I love that He’s opening up more time in the day for the two of you.

    As for blowing me away…eh…hasn’t happened in a long time. But I’m holding out hope for the day that He decides to blow us away.

  9. amy

    That is so exciting! Thanks for sharing!
    I hate to admit it, but lately I have struggled with envy. It’s never been a real issue for me, but recent discontent has caused me to begrudge others..even those I love..and I hated it. I confessed it to God and begged Him to help me BREAK FREE.
    He led me to a great message by Tim Keller and a passage in Proverbs that gave me a better perspective. Funny thing, it just “hit” me this morning that God had answered my prayer and I was in awe :)
    Have a great day!


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