Social Media Strategy

Because I don’t believe in doing anything just because, I started thinking about my reason for using social media.

The reason I…

Respond to tweets.
Spend valuable time on this blog.
Respond to comments and promote conversation on this blog.
Take the time to send pictures to my Posterous.
Check my Facebook regularly.

While some of the answer I came up with is, “Because I enjoy it,” I think this diagram (my artwork, not meant to be pleasing to the eye) really shows why I do all those things.

It’s not a perfect plan.

It doesn’t communicate how I accomplish it,
but it does lay out what I’m seeking to accomplish.

Ultimately, it’s about influence for me.

Not me being able to push people around and sell them on MY ideas, but me being able to IMPACT people in new ways.

In order to impact people, I must first connect with them, involve them in conversation, and build confidence with them.

People must trust me before I can impact them the way I want.

It’s one way I’m trying to…

turn the world UPSIDE down.

Why do you use social media? What’s the end goal?


  1. This is great! Thanks for laying it out for us. I shared it with our authors to inspire them.

    May God multiply your efforts in social media and connect people with His truth in beautiful ways thru your blog.

  2. Loved this post. I will be sharing this with my son. His job in advertising is in the Social Media side of it all. Have a good week!

  3. Influence is the main goal of a lot of social plans. The best way to influence is to engage with your audience (which is appears you do quite well). Your line about trust nails a good strategic way to accomplish your goal.

    I use social on two different fronts. One, for work. Working in marketing I use several social platforms for different clients, each client with different objectives and goals. On a personal front, I use social to connect with people. At first, my goal was to build up blog traffic and followers (in a way…influence) but have since looked at it as a learning tool. Personally, I learn a ton online and am able to make some meaningful connections.

    1. I agree with you. I do it partly because I just enjoy it. I have found that it’s not always a great/easy way to build up blog traffic…. at least not until you get people into the involve/confidence steps. Sure, some are gonna stumble by, but they won’t return. Thanks Drew!

  4. Hollie Wymore

    I actually thought about this the other day, when I realized how much time I spend on my computer/phone. It’s easy to allow my attempt at getting some ‘good Godly social media’ overpower my attempt at getting the same from my own quiet time/Bible reading. I use social media as a means to better understand people and better communicate with them. I enjoy being challenged by different perspectives on religion and God. I look forward to opening my google reader every morning, because I know it’ll have something good from the multiple blogs I follow – including yours!
    I share my faith through social media too – a ‘share the wealth’ mindset.

  5. Great question. I think it’s easy to get caught up in a “fad” like Facebook, Twitter or even blogging without understanding why.

    I use social media mostly because of the connection piece. For the passed two years, between graduate studies, work and family, I have had precious little time to spend with friends and social media helps maintain that connection. The merits of offline vs online community is a whole other issue, but for me it’s better than nothing.

  6. Great stuff! Don’t know how I missed this the first time it was posted. But love the concept drawing! I think we can apply that as well in day to day ministry!


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